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"Fold" is a 2.5 metre high ceramic sculpture created for Fresh Air Sculpture 2019.

Modelled out of slabs of brick clay in five horizontal sections, Fold was fired in one of Ibstock Brickworks' Specials kilns. Variations in surface colour were achieved by pressing colour sands into the leather-hard clay and then inducing localised reduction during firing.

The concept for the piece arose from the though experiment of considering the simplest way to move from two to three dimensions. The simple act of folding is repeated again and again in nature as a first step towards creating complex structures. Even the human embryo begins as a flat plate that folds to form the gut tube, defining as it does so what lies within us and outside us. In the making of Fold I set out to capture that sense of inner, vulnerable, private space wrapped in a rugged, protective exterior.

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