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The Gateway of Dreams is a two metre high, ceramic sculpture made in two contrasting brick clays from the Bristol district of the UK - Shortwood and Almondsbury Red. The Shortwood clay was fired in an oxidising atmosphere and the Almonsbury Red was fired in reduction after being partially coated with coloured sand.

                                                                                                                         January 2018

Flux Invite Image.jpg
_Fold_ Fresh Air Sculpture 2019


Originally created for Fresh Air Sculpture 2019, "Fold' is now at Devon Sculpture Park near Exeter. The surface colour moves from reds, through purples to a slate grey and was achieved by a combination of adding coloured sands and inducing localised reduction during the firing. The concept behind "Fold" came from the thought experiment of considering the simplest method of moving from two to three dimensions.



"Flux" was a two and half metre high raw clay sculpture created at Devon Sculpture Park and was the third part of a triptych of large-scale clay sculptures. Left unfired, "Flux" was allowed to weather back into the ground to reflect the important parts played by decay and erosion in natural cycles. Devon Sculpture Park lies at the heart of 150 acre re-wilding project and the pieces in this solo exhibition echoed the natural process driving changes in the surrounding environment.


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